Everyone is at a different point in their spiritual journey. Whether you are unfamiliar with church, coming back to church or a regular participant in church, you will feel at home at Trinity.

Our Vision: We Are The Love Of Christ In Action.


En nuestra jornada espiritual cada uno de nosotros se encuentra en un lugar diferente. Si usted no conoce nada acerca de la iglesia, o tal vez  está regresando a la iglesia, o es un participante regular en la iglesia, usted sentirá que Trinity es como estar en casa.

Nuestra Visión: Somos el amor de Cristo en Acción


Map and Directions

We are conveniently located in Southeast Huntsville, in the heart of one of the city’s most active areas. We serve families in our neighborhood as well as surrounding communities and look forward to having you join us.


Service Times

9 am: Cappuccino & Christ Worship with the C&C Band and a vibrant message in our back campus auditorium. Enjoy a cup of Cappuccino or coffee to enjoy during the service. Everyone welcome!

9:15 am: The Gathering at 9:15 Simple service in Sanctuary (front of campus). Weekly communion, everyone welcome.

9 and 11 am: Children's Church Children 4 years old - 1st grade are invited to worship with us in Children’s Church in Room 173. Adults can join our team and grow in faith while helping others grow in theirs.

10 am: Childcare and Sunday School for all ages.

11 am: Traditional Traditional service with historic, sacred symbols and liturgy, worship in a traditional setting with beautiful stained glass, organ music and choir. Everyone welcome.


Welcome to Trinity.

Trinity’s friendly and inviting congregation will provide a warm welcome when you arrive. Our church provides a place where all are welcome with open hearts, open minds and open doors.

Service Times

8:15 am to 8:45 am
The Gathering in the Sanctuary (front of campus)

10:00 am to 11:00 am
“Cappuccino & Christ” Contemporary in The New Room (back of campus)
Traditional in the Sanctuary (front of campus)




I’m Having WHAT? - Luke 1:26-38

And Mary replied to the angel Gabriel, “I’m having WHAT?!” Luke 1:34 [Eric’s transliteration]

I don’t care who it is…
whenever someone finds out they are going to have a baby,
whether through a biological process, or adoption…
it is shocking.  
It’s a life-changing, defining moment, after all.more...

Growing Young (er): Empathize with Today’s Young People

When I played basketball in high school, our point guard Chris would run off the floor and into the stands with the band to play the national anthem before tipoff.  It made sense to everyone who knew him because he was first-chair trombone. Chris also ran track and played baseball and all our coaches shared him equally. No pressure. No problem.

Fast-forward a few years and my wife Debbi and I were told that if our kids didn’t “major” in a sport by the third grade that they would never play Varsity. As a family we decided that wasn’t for us. We needed a slower, less pressured pace to raise our kids.more...

The Angels of God: What If It Isn’t About Me? - John 1:19-28

Since “angel” means “messenger,” what message will you hear this December? Remember that we now worship at new times: 9 am - C&C | 9:15 am - The Gathering | 10 am - Sunday School | 11 am - Traditional.

Do you know what a breath prayer is? It is a short aspiration of the soul that can be expressed within one breath, in-and-out. It is not a mantra or chant. Rather, it acts as a centering prayer, a way to focus the mind and soul, especially in times of stress.

First, you address God in a way that is meaningful to you: “O Creator,” “Holy Spirit,” “Loving Father.” “Rock of my salvation.” Then you lift up a longing of your heart, not just for that situation but for all your life: “Help me pay attention,” “Have mercy on me, a sinner,” “Bring healing and hope.” You repeat this in such a way that it steadies your heart and opens you up to God within you (and within the situation).more...

Clearing the Path: Making Room for the Savior - Isaiah 40:1-5

A voice cries out in the wilderness: “Clear a path for the Lord and King! Make a smooth & straight road through the desert for our God.” Isaiah 40:3

I was in Target the day after Halloween. After the cashier and I exchanged greetings, she asked with an unassuming tone,

“So ... are you ready for Christmas?”

I was so unprepared for the question, that I didn’t know whether to chuckle ... or scream.more...

The Angels of God: Distressed or Relaxed? - Isaiah 40:1-11, Mark 1:1-8

Since “angel” means “messenger,” what message will you hear this December? Remember that we now worship at new times: 9 am - C&C | 9:15 am - The Gathering | 10 am - Sunday School | 11 am - Traditional.

This Sunday’s readings are from the prophet Isaiah 40:1-11 and the Gospel Mark 1:1-8.

Sometimes the message from the Lord may sound stern and corrective like, “Straighten up and fly right! Stop doing bad things! Take care of the folks you’re ignoring! Beware of the coming of the Lord!” Or, as my mom use to yell down to the basement playroom from on top of the stairs, “Don’t make me come down there!” (And, of course, we did make God come down here...)more...

Growing Young(er): Unlock Keychain Leadership

When I was 22 I was hired by a church as a full-time youth pastor.  Within a span of two days I received the keys to a new apartment, keys to the church, and keys to the church van. The week following I was driving youth around in that van.  Because I was shifting driving style from a subcompact car to a Ford Econoline, I had some adjustments to make. I hit a mailbox and a van full of middle school kids couldn’t wait to share that good news with their parents. My driving skills improved when the pastor took me out for remedial driving lessons. My church had every right to take those keys from me, but they didn’t. Instead, they believed I was called, gifted, and though I needed a great deal of support, could do the work of a youth pastor.more...

The Angels of God - Mark 13:24-37, 1 Corinthians 1:3-9

Remember that we will worship at new times starting this Sunday! 9 am - C&C | 9:15 am - The Gathering | 10 am - Sunday School | 11 am - Traditional.

Our new, Advent Series is called The Angels of God. Since “angel” means “messenger,” what message will you hear this December?

This Sunday, the messenger is actually Jesus himself. Read the main passage at Mark 13:24-37. This is from a section of the New Testament known as the Little Apocalypse of Mark. In it, Jesus foresees the dire collapse of the cosmos. It seems ready-made for those television preachers who read today’s news through the eyes of scripture — a generally good thing which I, of course, applaud. But they seem to do so thinking that God has revealed to them (and them only, be sure to buy their book) the countdown to the end. Why, the signs are everywhere among the struggle of the nations and how their sub-group is being treated right now. They seem somewhat… delighted that their personal foes are going to get what’s coming to them.more...

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Giving From Our Heart

The December 3 collection is our only Christmas food collection and will go to Holmes Street UMC’s food pantry. Please keep in mind our service to Jesus (as stated above in Matt. 25:35) when we give from our heart to help the hungry in our community. Let’s honor Him in the month we celebrate His birth by obeying his teachings to be of service to others. Holmes Street needs the following items to be able to distribute nourishing meals to those they serve: (Please, no glass containers.)more...

Choices: The ‘Good’ Kid - Luke 15:11-32

We end our long series on Stories from the Journey, for Your Journey. And we do so with one of the most transforming stories in the Bible — told by Jesus himself! We call it the Parable of the Prodigal Son (found in Luke 15:11-32). But that puts the emphasis on the younger brother. Is that where all the attention should go?

It makes for a good conversion story ... or does it? Do you feel the son is coming to the father with a genuine repentance or with just what he thought would effectively get him back under his father’s protection? Also, no sacrifice is made — by anyone — when he returns. No ritual of repentance (sackcloth and ashes). No “substitutionary atonement” (in the lingo of some Christians). He’s just welcomed back! The father doesn’t even allow him to finish his confession. What do you make of that?more...

Choices: Desertion in the Desert ... Justifying False Gods - Exodus 32:1-6

When the people saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain, they gathered around Aaron. "Come on, Aaron," the people said. "Make us some gods who can lead us. We don't know what happened to Moses, who brought us out from the land of Egypt." Exodus 32:1

I was a “slow learner” when it came to dating, thank the Lord. I had a crush on a girl named Sara when I was in the tenth grade. Turns out that she had a crush on me when we were in middle school, but I never knew. At the age of thirteen, I didn’t know I was supposed to be interested in anything else besides soccer and BMX.more...